Dixon, John Anderson

Birth Name Dixon, John Anderson 1
Gender male


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 13 September 1849 Sunderland, Durham, England, United Kingdom Birth of DIXON, John Anderson  
Death     Death of DIXON, John Anderson  
Indenture 13 September 1863 Birtley, Durham, England, United Kingdom Indenture of John Anderson Dixon
  1. Indenture by John Anderson Dixon, son of William Robson Dix on - Joiner of Birtley and Thomas Turnbull of Birtley - Joi ner, Cartwright and Builder. Dated 13\super th\nosupersu b September 1863. Until he reaches the age of 21 years o n 13 September 1870. Shall not be allowed to marry durin g this seven year period, nor play at cards, nor dice, no r table nor any other unlawful game where it may cause th e Master any loss. He shall not haunt taverns nor playhous es without permission of the Master. 3 shillings per wee k for the first year, 4s. per week for the second year, 5s . per week for the third year, 6s. per week for the fourt h year, 7s per week for the fifth year, 8s. per week for th e sixth year and 10s. (10/-) for the seventh year, (= 50p p er week for seven years of hard apprenticeship). If everyt hing is satisfactory after the seven years the Master shal l give the said John Anderson Dixon one axe, a hand saw , a set of bench planes and an adze. Witnessed on 9\super th\nosupersub January in the twenty n inth year in the reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria … an d the year of our Lord 1865. (Probably the Indenture was o nly given to John Anderson Dixon in his second year of appr enticeship.)
Occupation 1909   Joiner 1  


Father Dixon, William R
Mother , Mary
  1. Dixon, Charles
  2. Dixon, Elizabeth
  3. Dixon, Henry
  4. Dixon, Jane
  5. Dixon, Margaret A
  6. Dixon, Thomas
  7. Dixon, William


Married Wife Archbold, Jane
  Marriage June 1884
Marriage of DIXON, John Anderson and ARCHBOLD, Jane
  1. Dixon, Ethel Archbold
  2. Dixon, Alice
  3. Dixon, Annie Mary
  4. Dixon, Eliz Jane
  5. Dixon, Henry A
  6. Dixon, Margaret


Dixon, John Anderson - 1849 - Photograph

Dixon, John Anderson - 1849 - Photograph

Source References

  1. Baddiley, John Henry - Dixon, Ethel Archbold - 1909 - Marri age Certificate


  1. Dixon, William R
    1. , Mary
      1. Dixon, John Anderson
        1. Archbold, Jane
          1. Dixon, Ethel Archbold
          2. Dixon, Alice
          3. Dixon, Annie Mary
          4. Dixon, Eliz Jane
          5. Dixon, Henry A
          6. Dixon, Margaret
      2. Dixon, Charles
      3. Dixon, Elizabeth
      4. Dixon, Henry
      5. Dixon, Jane
      6. Dixon, Margaret A
      7. Dixon, Thomas
      8. Dixon, William