Goult, Alice

Birth Name Goult, Alice
Gender female


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1889 Stratton St Mary, Norfolk Birth of GOULT, Alice  
Death     Death of GOULT, Alice  
Census 31 March 1901 Stratton St Michael, Norfolk Census of GOULT, Alice 1a
  1. Alfred Goult,1,Stratton St Mary, Norfolk, England,Son Alice Goult,12,Stratton St Michael, Norfolk, England,Daught er Annie Goult,13,Stratton St Michael, Norfolk, England,Daught er Charles Goult,4,Stratton St Mary, Norfolk, England,Son Christina Goult,11,Stratton St Michael, Norfolk, England,Da ughter Eliza Goult,9,Stratton St Mary, Norfolk, England,Daughter Emma Goult,35,Broom, Suffolk, England,Wife Walter Goult,34,Stratton St Michael, Norfolk, England,Head


Father Goult, Walter William
Mother , Emma
  1. Goult, Alfred
  2. Goult, Charles
  3. Goult, Annie
  4. Goult, Christina
  5. Goult, Elizabeth


1901 Census

1901 Census

Source References

  1. 1901 U.K. Census
    1. Page: RG13/1861, No. of Schedule: 12, Vessel: 21, Folio: 92, Page: 2;   Confidence: Very High


  1. Goult, Walter William
    1. , Emma
      1. Goult, Alfred
      2. Goult, Charles
      3. Goult, Alice
      4. Goult, Annie
      5. Goult, Christina
      6. Goult, Elizabeth