Baddiley, Margaret

Birth Name Baddiley, Margaret
Also Known As Peggy
Gender female
Age at Death about 42 years, 6 months, 4 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth about 1918   Birth of BADDILEY, Margaret  
Death 5 July 1960   Death of BADDILEY, Margaret 1
  1. either 42 or 45


Father Baddiley, John Henry
Mother Dixon, Ethel Archbold
  1. Baddiley, Alice
  2. Baddiley, May
  3. Baddiley, Henry Archbald
  4. Baddiley, Alan
  5. Baddiley, John


5 July 1960 149 Main Street, King's Newton, UK 1


Baddiley, Margaret - - Photograph

Baddiley, Margaret - - Photograph

Left: Peg Baddiley Right: Rene Baddiley (wife of Alan)

Left: Peg Baddiley Right: Rene Baddiley (wife of Alan)

Peg (Right), Rene Baddiley (Seated) and John Baddiley (son of Alan and Rene)

Peg (Right), Rene Baddiley (Seated) and John Baddiley (son of Alan and Rene)


Used to drive an Austin A30 - Andrew Stevenson recunted a s tory about them all going to Dovedale for a picnic in it!

Registration - WNU 289 (2 Door, Gray)
I can remember Auntie Pegg very well for saying I was onl y 10 years old when she died. Pat looks quite like her now . We saw quite a few photos of her at John Baddiley's las t week and, I must say, it brought back quite a few memorie s of her for me. Janet Musson reminds me of her too. I th ink she was engaged at one point but Grandad Baddiley didn' t like her intended so the marriage didn't go ahead!!! S o she was a spinster until she died.
I always liked to go up to her bedroom at Granny's as it al ways smelt of Yardley Freesia. That was a nice smell t o a young girl. I used to love to look at her things on th e dressing table and unit. She always knew I wouldn't touc h anything and was quite happy to let me browse. On the fe w occasions that we girls stayed at Granny's we were alway s looked after well. We always slept in the back bedroom a nd were given hot milk for a supper drink. Ugh.
She was very kind in that she took us all to the seaside i n Summer. No wonder we were all sick into our new seasid e buckets on the journey. The police would have run us i n now with overcrowding the car as they did. We were lik e sardines. But appreciated an aunt taking us.
It was very sad when she developed Cancer. After the operat ion she moved into Granny's front bedroom for easier nursin g. I often used to go down after school, or in the evenin g to see her while she was convalescing. I can remember An n Saxby went with me once and she was quite frightened to s ee her with a patch over her eye and hardly any hair.
At least she lived to see you. Your first trip out at tw o weeks' old was when Dad collected us from Sunday school i n Potter Street and we pushed you down in your spanking ne w pram to Granny's. We were so proud. You were still a sm all baby when Auntie Peg died. I can remember Dad coming i n to tell us all she'd gone. He sat in the wooden chair b y the table and pantry door. First time I'd seen him upset . So I was ten years old when she went, Mary would be 12 a nd Pat about eight.

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  1. Baddiley, John Henry
    1. Dixon, Ethel Archbold
      1. Baddiley, Alice
      2. Baddiley, Margaret
      3. Baddiley, May
      4. Baddiley, Henry Archbald
      5. Baddiley, Alan
      6. Baddiley, John