Clark, Elizth

Birth Name Clark, Elizth
Gender female


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth about 1863 Rochester, Kent, England, United Kingdom Birth of CLARK, Elizth  
Death     Death of CLARK, Elizth  
Census 2 April 1871 Herne Bay, Kent, England, United Kingdom Census of CLARK, Elizth 1a
  1. Alice Clark,11,Erith,Kent,England,Daughter Elizth Clark,33,Harwich,Essex,England,Wife Elizth Clark,8,Rochester,Kent,England,Daughter Emily Clark,13,Harwich,Essex,England,Daughter James Clark,35,Stepney,Middlesex,England,Head James H Clark,6,Rochester,Kent,England,Son


Father Clark, James
Mother , Elizth
  1. Clark, James H
  2. Clark, Alice
  3. Clark, Emily


1871 Census

1871 Census

Source References

  1. 1871 U.K. Census
    1. Page: RG10/973, No. of Schedule: 6, Vessel: 9, Folio: 120, Page: 1;   Confidence: Very High


  1. Clark, James
    1. , Elizth
      1. Clark, James H
      2. Clark, Alice
      3. Clark, Elizth
      4. Clark, Emily