Goult, Arthur Edwin

Birth Name Goult, Arthur Edwin
Gender male


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1889   Birth of GOULT, Arthur Edwin  
Death     Death of GOULT, Arthur Edwin  
Census 5 April 1891 Saint Pancras, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom Census of GOULT, Arthur Edwin 1a
  1. Goult, Arthur,1,St Pancras, London,Son Goult, Ellis,45,Pulham, Norfolk,Head Goult, Ellis T,17,St Pancras, London,Son Goult, Francis E,11,St Pancras, London,Daughter Goult, Harriett,37,March, Cambridgeshire,Wife
Census 31 March 1901 Willesden, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom Census of GOULT, Arthur Edwin 2a
  1. Arthur Goult,11,St Pancras, London, England,Son Ellis Goult,55,Pulham, Norfolk, England,Head Ellis Goult,27,St Pancras, London, England,Son George Goult,7,Kensal Rise, London, England,Son Gertrude Goult,7,Kensal Rise, London, England,Daughter Harriet Goult,47,March, Cambridgeshire, England,Wife


Father Goult, Ellis
Mother Green, Harriet
  1. Goult, George
  2. Goult, Gertrude


1891 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1901 Census

Source References

  1. 1891 U.K. Census
    1. Page: RG12/132, No. of Schedule: 18, Vessel: 7, Folio: 39, Page: 3;   Confidence: Very High
  2. 1901 U.K. Census
    1. Page: RG13/1216, No. of Schedule: 251, Vessel: 19, Folio: 142, Page: 36;   Confidence: Very High


  1. Goult, Ellis
    1. Green, Harriet
      1. Goult, Arthur Edwin
      2. Goult, George
      3. Goult, Gertrude