Goult, Laura

Birth Name Goult, Laura
Gender female
Age at Death 1 year


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1867 Saint Pancras, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom Birth of GOULT, Laura
  1. 2nd Quarter
Death 1868   Death of GOULT, Laura
  1. 1st Quarter


Father Goult, George
Mother Penn, Mary Ann
  1. Goult, George
  2. Goult, Edmund Walter
  3. Goult, Mary Ann
  4. Goult, Clara
  5. Goult, Ellen
  6. Goult, Frederick


  1. Goult, George
    1. Penn, Mary Ann
      1. Goult, George
      2. Goult, Laura
      3. Goult, Edmund Walter
      4. Goult, Mary Ann
      5. Goult, Clara
      6. Goult, Ellen
      7. Goult, Frederick