Chamberlain, Harold Edward

Birth Name Chamberlain, Harold Edward
Gender male


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth about 1886   Birth of CHAMBERLAIN, Harold Edward  
Death     Death of CHAMBERLAIN, Harold Edward  


Married Wife Camp, Lydia Ann
  Marriage 4 August 1919 at Aston On Trent, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom
Marriage of CHAMBERLAIN, Harold Edward and CAMP, Lydia Ann 1a

Harold Edward Chamberlain ,age 33, bachelor,Cooper,Residenc e Burton on trent ,father Robert Chamberlain Brewer. Lydia Ann Camp ,age 36,spinster,Ladies companion,residenc e Aston,father Gilbert Camp farmer.
Witness Adele Stevenson and Edward Stevenson and Fred Austin

  1. Chamberlain, Florence Mary

Source References

  1. Parish record
    1. Page: All saints Aston on Trent 1837-1966 M337 Vol 5 No 318;   Confidence: Very High


  1. Chamberlain, Harold Edward
    1. Camp, Lydia Ann
      1. Chamberlain, Florence Mary